As you enter the Lost World via the jungle, turn right and follow our dirt road into the property you will see our main lodge building on the left. It houses our lodge room (den), our sleeping area complete with 6 bunk beds, two bathrooms, shower (outside shower as well), front porch where you can relax and watch the birds and of course our dining hall where all our cooking is done and where we eat all our meals. We can house teams of students, churches, as well as groups of bird watchers, medical groups, eco-conscious groups, etc. We can house couples, single persons and especiallybackpackers from all over the world. We are one of the few lodges in Belizewho have their own ELECTRICITY! Nice quite electricity. No latterns to draw bugs. No noisy generators. No unexpected blackouts. We financially invested quite a sum of money to have our own electricity run up our road to the property. Then all electric wires were run underground so they are not seen on the property. So you can have electricity night or day.



We also offer smaller cabanas for those who prefer more privacy. The cabana’s are constructed with cement and stucco to be cooler and contain air conditioner’s. They have beautiful tile floors, brightly painted stucco walls, air-condition units, full electicity (lights as well), tastfully decorated beds, dining area, beautiful Belizian hardwood, mohogany ceilings, full bathrooms with tiled floors, toilet, sink, and circular walk-in showers that are colorfully tiled.



Also on the property are still smaller safari huts for the more adventurous traveler. We call these our “Bear Grylls Luxury Suites,” named after our adventure, survivor hero. As expected they are not “Resort Material.” They are small, one room jungle huts for one or two people, with either single beds or double bunk beds. Some have bathrooms and showers built onto the side of them. Others, deep into the Lost World Jungle do not have bathrooms, which require a small walk to the bathroom. To add some variety, these have no electricity. They are for the more adventurous souls.



Then we have on our property the Lost World Signature Attraction: Golf courses have a signature hole to help give themslves a “trade mark.” On our property it is our Tarzan Jungle Treehouse. There are a couple of other lodges in Belize who have treehouse’s elevated off the ground, but ours is truly unique and one of a kind. It is the only treehouse actually built around a giant Belizian hardwood, being actually attached to the tree. It is 10 to 15 feet off the ground, hidden deep in the Lost World Jungle. Tarzan would be proud! What to heck, so would Jane! It’s a real treehouse! A deep, 150 foot wide chasm that separates the front of our property from the back section, which we affectionately refer to as the Lost World. We borrowed the idea from King Kong’s jungle home in his movie. To get there you descend about 60 feet down cement stairs, with hand rails that we have built. At the bottom you cross over a solid, beautiful bridge we have built out of Belizian hardwood, then ascend up the other side via cement steps with rails. The treehouse is back in the jungle from there. We will be continuously adding buildings and attractions to the Lost World as the years pass by. We welcome you to……………………….