Our signature accommodation is the Tarzan Jungle Treehouse. It’s perfect for singles, backpackers, and couples.  It has also been a favorite for HONEYMOONERS who want to have a honeymoon experience they will remember for a lifetime. HONEYMOONERS WELCOME! It resides across the chasm that separates the front of the property from the back, which is REALLY the Lost World. It’s across the creek as you cross our very attractive and sturdy bridge, which at night will be lit by tiki lights, and a guide if you prefer. It’s up to you! You will ascend the cement steps and disappear into the dark jungle of the Lost World, guide or not! You will be armed with a gas lantern, flashlight, or whatever you prefer to find your way to the “Tarzan Jungle Treehouse.” Upon arrival you will climb the stairs, which are very sturdy, as is the entire treehouse. In case it is the rainy season, never fear, there is a roof that covers the stairs from top to bottom.

Once you are there, it will be your home for the night and the remainder of your stay. Sorry girls, there will be no Tarzan there, but if you are married you have your own personal Tarzan, don’t you. There is a red tin roof, about ten feet wide which wraps around the whole tree, so you will remain dry and comfy. Inside you will find a couch, lantern, large water containers and glasses that you can pour clean, safe, drinking water into. We have installed mosquito netting all around the walls and door on the inside, so you won’t be bitten by bugs. We also have installed a very strong, screen door, with a lock from the inside, covered with rat wire, so you will be safe from everything, except Tarzan. Remember he will be locked in with you. If you need to use the bathroom at night, we have built one nearby, a real one, with a real toilet and shower.

Enjoy your night’s rest deep in the Lost World. The jungle comes alive with sounds that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Awake the next morning to a different chorus, that of a sampling of the 400 species of birds as you awake to their many unusual calls, most of which you have never heard before. GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS!

Price Per Night $75.00