Our latest project is unique to Belize and to every hotel, lodge, resort on land or sea on the many cayes. This type structure or accomadation is totally original in Belize and actually in most parts of the world. We have strived to be different as we have planned the Lost World and it’s facilities. We have done this to attract tourists, backpackers
visitors and groups to visit us. We also want to be on the cutting edge to offer our guests attractions which will be new and exciting. We started on this project in June (2012).

Over the years we have visited and worked in Scotland in many places literally all over the country. We have always loved the Scottish Castles of all types, size and locations. We have stayed in many and studied the architectures, materials, floor designs, etc. So we have embarked deliberately on a quest to build a Scottish Castle on our property for the enjoyment of our guests and ourselves. At present it is about half done. It has been tedious and detailed as we have followed a castle’s floorplan.

Our favorite castle was Kilravock Castle in Croy, a few miles from Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, also home of “Nessie,” the Loch Ness Monster. It was built and maintained by the Rose Clan in the 15th century. It has the most beautiful grounds we have seen in Scotland. There are giant, unusual trees of all types, imported from all over the world. We patterned our castle after Kilravock.

As you can see from the pictures below, our two story castle are now completed, Upstairs are three bedrooms for guests to stay, complete with a bathroom, toilet & walk-in shower. On the second story roof will be places to view the grounds and do bird watching. I can’t imagine how many birds we will be able to view from high on the castle roof. There will be cover of some kind also to keep the sun from burning the guests.

Downstairs will be special. There will be a large double door copied from a Scottish Castle to enter. As you ennter to the right will be a tea room (cafe) where you can relax and eat. Directly behind that will be the reception center where folks will check in with an attractive counter. There will also be bathrooms as well. As you enter to the left there will be a library with books on bookshelves. There will be a couch and comfortable reading sofas. There will also be a gift shop where you can buy Lost World and Belize tee shirts, caps, carvings, paintings, etc. There will be Scottish metal suits of armor, swords on the wall and other castle stuff. It will be a fun place to hang out.