maller Safari Cabanas are being built in the jungle throughout the Lost World. They are constructed with concrete and stucco with hardwood docorative trim. They will be found in exotic settings within the jungle canopy. Being isolated in peaceful, quiet locations, far away from the “concrete jungles” with no cell phones ringing, no deadlines to meet, no long lines of traffic on the highways, you can completely relax and be at one with nature.

There are peaceful walking trails through the jungle, as you make your way from the Main Lodge after supper in the pitch black Belizean night with the help of tiki torch’s to light the way. You will hear the jungle come alive at night with a loud chorus of noctural creatues as they fill the night. You will hear the long, shrill songs of crickets (on steroids), frogs, flying insects, larger mammals, which come out to hunt by night and during the rainy season the thunderous noise of the rain as it beats on the tin roof above your head, as you smell that fresh, wet rain water.

The cabanas are painted on the outside with bright, colorful Caribbean colors which make a wonderful contrast with the green hues of the jungle. They have porches where you can sit, relax, and view the high moutains (which we are completely surrounded by), watch the water rush by as you hear the roaring of a creek rush down hill. If you are in a cabana on our “little mountain,” which is as high as any peak in our valley, you can sit on your porch and scan the large jungle as it streches to the “high mountain” ranges which tower above us on all sides, while an unusually strong breeze blows in your face.

On the inside our cabanas are tastfully appointed. The walls are painted with the same Caribbean color schemes to match closely the outside color with just a subtle shade change. The rooms are cool, stucco with beautiful mohogany hardwood ceilings. There are louvered window’s in case you want to let a cool breeze flow thru and turn off the air conditioner. Some cabanas on the mountain or beside a cool creek do not have air conditioners for those who prefer fresh air. They all have bathrooms with toilets, sinks and large wrap around showers (caribbean style) with open space. They are covered with decorative, colorful tile.

There is a colorful couch in each bedroom where you can relax or if you like, read a book. There is a little kitchenette with table and chairs where you can enjoy a snack.

We have themes for all our cabanas. The first one was right above the main lodge on the hill. We named it Heliconia, after the orange flower which grows all over the Lost World. We have a picture of the flower painted on the front of the building, and a framed picture on the wall inside. All the cabanas will have theme names. Some of the other themes are Howler Monkey, Jaquar, Hummingbird, Mountain Cow, Sittee River and Sibun River. We believe you will love the Safari Cabanas.

 Price per night $100.00, with maximum 2 persons