Price $ 95.00 US pp + 12.5 % tax (Tour includes lunch or dinner)

There are two bridges within one mile of the Lost World Lodge, one entering our valley and one leaving our valley. There is a river with no name which we have named the Lost World River. This Tubing Adventure begins at one bridge, snakes around under the second then continues downstream for as long as you want to go for twenty miles. Even when you reach the rivers end you can continue if you like because you have entered  the Caribbean Sea.

The schedule is flexible. Since the river is so long some may opt for an “all day” trip Some may prefer a shorter trip of 2 or 3 hours. Either way a member of our staff will be waiting to pick you up. A slow, relaxing float to enjoy the beauty of nature & Belize!

Davis Falls – The route of the river meanders constantly at points comes relatively close to Davis Fall, one of the highest waterfalls in Belize with a large pool at its base, at around 1000 feet. It is difficult to reach by land (we are working on a vehicle to reach it eventually). In the meantime we have the Lost World River. It takes us close enough to hike there now, leaving the tubes, walking  to the Falls, swim, have lunch and hike back, then float to our final pick up point.