Our Location


Our location at the Lost World Lodge is on the Hummingbird Hwy. which is the most beautiful road in Belize and probably in Central America. It connects the Western Hwy. in the West to the Southern Hwy. in the South, which extends to the Southern-most part of the country, with the last major city being Punta Gorda. We are located at mm 20.5, which is about 15 miles from the Caves Branch River to our West, and about 20 miles from Dangriga, which is on the Carribean Sea. (see map above).

Directions To Lost World Lodge



Flights from the mainland USA arrive and depart daily form Belize. Transfers are simple and commute times within the country by air to the Lost World Jungle Lodge are very short.
Airlines flying directly to Belize International Airport:

*American Airlines flying via Dallas and Miami
*Continental Airlines flying via Houston and Newark
*Delta Airlines flying via Atlanta
*U. S. Airline flying via Charlotte

Connections at the Belize International Airport are very easy to Dangriga. Domestic carriers offer frequent service for the 20 minute flight to Dangriga. Our driver will meet you upon arrival and will transport you party from Dangrga to the Lost World Lodge where your dream vacation begins in the rainforst. It’s about a 30 minute drive. The two local airlines are:

*Tropic Air (800 422 3435)
*Maya Island Air (800 225 6732)



When you arrive at Belize International Airport (BZE), you will collect your luggage, pass through immigration and clear customs. After clearing customs take an immediate left and check in with your local airline. You will then proceed to the domestic departures lounge where there are duty-free shops, gift shops and a small restaurant and bar. The flight from BZE to Dangriga is about twenty minutes. At the Dangriga Airport you will be met by a member of our staff to drive you to the Lost World. Your adventure begins by the time you arrive in Belize. The local air flight from Belize City to Dangriga is short, but exciting because you will be flying over some of the most gorgeous water amd jungle in Central America. The transfer from Dangriga to the Lost World continues your adventure since you will be passing through some of the small ethnic villages on the way, as well as banana orchards as you wind your way through the Mayan Mountain valley. The roads are paved all the way to the Lodge.

If you choose not to take the 20 minute flight you can drive from the airport via rental car. You will receive royal service and a discounted price if you rent a car, van or truck from or friend Benito at Cyrstal Auto Rental across from the airport. Their numbers are 1-501-223-1000 or 0-800-777-7777, in case you want to call them from the States and make a reservation. Be sure and ask for Benito and tell him Bob and Henrietta from the Lost World Lodge told you to call him. In all the years we have been in Belize we have never used anyone else. We have developed a good friendship with Crystal and they will take good care of you. The owner is an Ex-pat from Texas. The drive is a little over 2 hours. The directions are as follows:

As you leave the airport you will, after a mile or two, come to a dead-end into the Northern Hwy. You then turn left and go North. You drive about four or five miles til you pass a paved road on the left. Keep going a mile or more til you come to a main, paved road on the left. Turn left there. There is usually a police check-point there. Look for a sign saying Burrell Boom or Baboon Sanctuary. Also a sign saying Hattiesville or Hattiesville Prison, which is on that road. If you miss all this, please stop and ask directions. Folks are very eager to help. Also do not take your wallet out of your pocket, because they will also be glad to help you with that as well. Drive 10 or so miles til you pass the prison on the right. Several hundred yards after you pass the prison you will come to the Western Hwy. There will be a round-a-bout so turn right (West) onto the Western Hwy. Drive 15 or more miles straight ahead til you reach a sign saying Belmopan to the left. This will also be the Hummingbird Hwy. Turn left onto it , keep going straight for about 25 or more miles til you come to our sign. You wil need to watch the mile markers til you come to mm 21, then you will be one half mile from us. About a half mile before you reach us you will cross over a brand new bridge. As you leave the bridge look immediaely to the right and you will see a sign saying Valley Community. Drive several hundred yards and you will see an orpanage on a high hill on the right. Our sign will be about 20 yards from there on the right. Turn right before the first house immediately past the sign. Go down the road to the first road on the right which will be just over 100 yards and turn right. Drive 50 yards to the bridge, go across and up the hill and you will be at the Lost World Jungle Lodge. I know you will be tired when you arrive because I am exhausted from having to write all this.   COME LOSE YOURSELF IN THE LOST WORLD!!!



If you are afraid to fly and just terrified by what you just read in the paragraph above, never fear. You still have one option left!
You can arrange arrange a transfer when you book your trip and we can pick you up at the airport. You will be picked up by the coolest bus in Cental America, maybe the world! You will ride in the lap of luxury. Your remember the song, “The Yellow Submarine,” well we own the “Yellow Jungle Bus.” We bought it at an auction in Delaware and used it as our church bus for a while. Then we decided to send it to Belize. We repaired everything on it mechanically. Bought new tires for it. Had it painted a beautiful color of yellow by Murphy’s Paint & Body Shop. It was originally a Dart Bus which the City of Dover used to haul Senior Citizens. It’s a diesel so good gas milege. We then had our friend “Rembrant” who owns a sign company in Easton, Maryland to paint Lost World Jungle Lodge all around it. It has burgandy leather seats inside with theater lighting inside. We have to force tourists to get out of it when the ride is over. It seats 18 and is handicapped accessible. The transfer fee from the airport to the Lodge is $140.00 for 4 people or less in US dollars including a 12.5% GST (Government Sales Tax). Please keep in mind, we have to pay the driver, put gas & oil in it, buy tires when they wear out and when it needs repairs they are very expensive here. But it really is a great bus.



*From Belize City take any bus heading toward Dangriga or Punta Gorda
*Ask to be dropped at the Valley Community bus stop in front of orphanage (ask directions to Lost World Lodge), 15 minute walk