Next on our list of places to lodge is our famous “Bear Grylls Luxury Suites.” These suites are not for the faint of heart, nor do they at all resemble the Hyatt Regency. They purposefully resemble the kind of quarters that “Bear” would spend the night in, with an upgrade. They will be found in the same environment that he would find when the sun starts to go down, deep in the Lost World Jungle. As a matter of fact, you might not find them unless we take you to them.

The first one we built was a former storage building, which we had built by an Amish company in Spanish Lookout and had delivered on one of their trucks. It was built out of Belizian hardwood and is very attractive, but it is small with room for the bunk bed we installed and a small couch. We added onto it a nice tiled bathroom with a toilet and a shower. All of Bear’s other suites will be unique, like his bedroom every night in the wild. They will be found on hills, overlooking creeks, and hanging off our “little mountain,” nice difficult places to find. We hope you look forward to the “Bear Grylls Experience.”

Price Per Person Per Night $15.00